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hay doi day  nu pogodi
Hãy Đợi Đấy - Nu Pogodi 20/20 HQ
20 episodes | 428432 views 
cham bi  hay doi day nu pogodi
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cham bi  Description - Thong tin them ve phim
Nu, pogodi! (Russian: Ну, погоди!, Well, Just You Wait![1] or You Just Wait![2]) is a Soviet/Russian animated series produced by Soyuzmultfilm. The series was created in 1969 and became a popular cartoon of the Soviet Union. Additional episodes have been produced in Russia since 2006. The original film language is Russian but very little speech is used (usually interjections or at most several sentences per episode).

The series follows the comical adventures of a mischievous yet artistic wolf trying to catch (and presumably eat) a hare. The series has additional characters that usually either help the hare or interfere with the wolf's plans.

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