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canh sat gap ma  look out officer
Cảnh Sát Gặp Ma - Look Out Officer (Uslt)
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cham bi  canh sat gap ma look out officer
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cham bi  Description - Thong tin them ve phim
Year: 1990
Director: Lau Sze-Yu
Producer: TC. Lau Tin-Chi
Cast: Stephen Chow Sing-Chi, Bill Tung Bui, Stanley Fung Shui-Fan, Vivian Chan Tak-Yung, Mui Siu-Wai, Amy Yip Chi-Mei

Look Out, Officer! begins like a typical Hong Kong action picture. With the aid of a good stuntman, Bill Tung Bui soars into action as Chang Piao, a high-flying, gun-toting CID officer with skills that could rival Jackie Chan in his prime. As silly as that may sound, it's all played completely straight. But unfortunately for Piao, a hood gets the slip on him and plugs him in the head, which then triggers the film's first abrupt tonal shift from bloody cop drama to farcical supernatural comedy.
In the next scene we find Piao facing judgment in heaven. The verdict of the court is that Piao shot himself (So much for an all-knowing God!), a conclusion that he refuses to accept. After pleading with the judge, Piao returns to earth to catch his killer and clear his name in what will soon become the umpteenth variation on Heaven Can Wait. The film then switches its focus from Piao to Police Constable 1997, the young, ne'er do well Officer Sing (Stephen Chow).

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